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  • Employee & Contractor Workplace Induction

    All persons working on site must complete a workplace induction prior to commencing work. If this is not practical however, they should complete the visitor induction process and be signed in as a visitor and be accompanied by another employee that has already been inducted.

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  • Emmetts Civil Construction Workplace Rules

    The following rules have been prepared to inform staff and subcontractors about accepted working practices. This is not an exclusive list, only a guide. They are:

    1. Check safety before starting the work.

    2. Safety is the responsibility of everyone. Any safety hazard or unsafe act must be acted on (Eliminate, Isolate, Minimise) and reported to the supervisor.

    3. Notify your supervisor, or the person in control of the workplace, immediately if you think hazards are not adequately controlled.

    4. Notify your supervisor, or the person in control of the workplace, immediately of all accidents, incidents and near misses.

    5. Wear and use the correct PPE at all times.

    6. Wear steel capped safety footwear at all times.

    7. Wear seat belts at all times when driving or operating vehicles or machinery where fitted. This also applies to passengers.

    8. Treat all cables and wires as live until determined otherwise.

    9. Do not enter taped off / restricted areas without prior permission.

    10. Tidy up your work area and keep surroundings tidy at all times.

    11. Return tools to their right place after use.

    12. Dispose of waste and hazardous substances as described in SDS.

    13. All electrical tools and leads are to be inspected and tagged every 6 months.

    14. Comply with all safety notices and warning signs.

    15. Do not approach any machinery, plant or crane unless the driver or dogman expressly indicates to you that he has seen you and it is safe to do so.

    16. Attend and participate in Toolbox and Health and Safety meetings.

    17. Look after yourself and others to ensure everyone's safety.

    18. Observe proper hygiene.

    19. No smoking or vaping in any enclosed building or company vehicle.

    20. No radios unless authorised by the supervisor and volumes to be less than 80Db.

    21. Use signs to warn others of your hazardous activities including powder actuated tools, welding and work at height.

    The following are not permitted on site. Any infringement could result in disciplinary action or termination of contract: :

    1. Horseplay, practical jokes, fighting or malicious damage

    2. Illegal drugs or unprescribed legal drugs

    3. Alcohol (unless at an authorised function)

    4. Children or pets

    5. Domestic ladders

  • Alcohol or Other Drug Use in the Workplace

    The Company recognises that alcohol or other drug use can sometimes become a social and health problem, which can have a negative impact on the working and private lives of those it affects.

    The use of alcohol and other drugs can create problems in the workplace such as increased risk of accidents, absenteeism, diminished performance and productivity and interpersonal conflict. The use of alcohol or other drugs by an employee may also be inconsistent with the company's obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

    It is the intention of this policy to minimise the negative impact on the workplace of the use of alcohol or other drugs.


    Employees are prohibited from the unlawful manufacture, use, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of an illegal drugs or unprescribed controlled substances while on the job or on company property.

    Employees may not report for work, attend to their duties or drive a company vehicle while under the influence of illegal drugs or unprescribed controlled substances.

    Employees may not report for work or attend to their duties in such a condition of intoxication that he/she is unable to perform his/her duties properly or safely.

    An employee may not drive any company owned vehicle when they have been drinking alcohol.

    It is an individual driver’s responsibility to observe New Zealand drink driving laws. However, everyone should consider it their duty to do their best to ensure others are in a fit state to drive. Managers are authorised to forbid a company member from driving a company vehicle if they have reason to believe that they have been drinking or are otherwise intoxicated.

    Some prescribed medication may affect an employee's ability to work safely. Supervisors or managers should be informed where an employee or their doctor believes this is the case. The supervisor or manager will ensure the confidentiality of this information.

    Action due to Violation of this Policy

    Violation of this policy is regarded as Serious Misconduct. The appropriate level of disciplinary action will be determined on a case-by-case basis, with sanctions up to or including termination depending on the severity of the offence.

    Guidelines for Managers / Supervisors

    If it is thought that an employee's performance may be impaired due to the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and there is any potential risk to the individual or others, or plant, machinery or vehicular operations, the employee should be asked to stop work immediately by the Manager/Supervisor and if necessary be sent home. The Manager/Supervisor must inform Richard Emmett or Debbie Walford as soon as possible if this happens.

    Where an employee has a suspected alcohol or other drug related problem, the Manager/Supervisor shall provide an opportunity for the employee to discuss the problem and encourage them to seek help. If the Manager/Supervisor or the employee needs further help, they should contact Richard Emmett or Debbie Walford.

  • Emmetts Yard

    • Access to site is permitted to working staff only.
    • No general public, sales representatives, media or any uninvited or not-inducted visitors are allowed into ANY ECCL sites, workshops or offices during NZ Government Levels 2, 3 or 4 Alert lockdowns.
    • Sign in / out and COVID-19 protocols must be followed at all times.

  • Contacts

    If you have any further questions about working on site please contact Richard or your supervisor.

    Richard Emmett ‭027 244 0030‬

    Chris Berry ‭027 208 7561‬

    Corey Julian ‭027 275 0762

  • Submission

    You must submit your declaration below to be inducted back into the workplace.

    Please note that upon submission you will be directed to the dedicated COVID-19 Induction that must also be completed before your return to work.